Pasqua Italian Wines

Campagna Social

/ Images created for Pasqua’s “Talent never tasted better” contest

Founding wine and starting point of the PassioneSentimento project, red like love and passion.⁠

It’s unquestionably the striking notes of red fruits and spicy overtones that make our red #PassioneSentimento the secret to love for our talented artists at Uovo Lab.⁠
/ 11 Minutes rosé is a fresh and enveloping rosé with an intense and complex bouquet. This wine is perfect for accompanying spring evenings as we move towards summer!⁠

PICÀIE – this name recalls the ancient tradition of hanging clusters of grapes in the attics of country houses. Farmers would leave the grapes to ripen for 3 months to guarantee an excellent quality of wine.

It was this name’s origins that inspired us to create this image, disruptive and unconventional⁠ – just the way we like it!
/ Whilst you might say it’s down to the days getting longer, a glass of Brognoligo at the table definitely gives the feeling that the Italian summer has begun!

The dinner table is a balancing act meant to be shared. This is how we ⁠have chosen to illustrate Picaie by Cecilia Beretta.

All you need to do now is try it!

/ Mai Dire Mai. This amarone is the result of a lifelong ambition to create a top class project. An innovative interpretation of a terroir with exceptional characteristics gave rise to this powerful wine. Big projects require time and patience. This project meant time spent experimenting, researching and waiting. Mai Dire Mai


Photography: Davide Farabegoli